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85 (or end number) Small Camper Van Interior Ideas to Maximize Your Space

When you’re living in a camper van, every little bit of organization and creativity helps.

That’s why we’ve put together this categorized list of 85+  small camper van interior ideas to help you make the most of your space!

Whether you’re just starting out on your campervan journey or you’ve been living full-time van life for a while, these ideas will help you create a space that is both comfortable and functional.


What are the best ideas for limited space in a camper vanz?

Van life doesn’t have to be a bare-bones endeavor.

Sure, it’s important to save space where you can, but there are lots of amazing camper van interior ideas to choose from that work well within the parameters of a van conversion. 

We hope some of these campervan interior ideas will help you find your perfect sweet spot between simplicity and comfort in your own van.

Get ready for some van life inspiration!

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What are some of the best ideas for a camper van kitchen?

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas-

A pull-out Kitchen on a slide.

A pull-out kitchen is a kitchen that is tucked away somewhere cleaver in your van, but set up on a slider to be made available when you need it.

One of the downsides to a pull-out kitchen is that it would only be accessible when you’ve stopped for camp somewhere. It also requires at least some level of setup and take down and is less fun when the weather isn’t pleasant.

However, especially if you are attempting to save floor space in a smaller van build, this can be a great option.

Image from

Another option is to have a portable table with a few kitchen necessities that you can pull out and set up. 

This might include a portable water container with a pump, a camping stove or even an outdoor grill (links to products).

Indoor Kitchen ideas-

For those who want a fully functional enclosed kitchen (at Vandemic we think this is a must in van life), here are some options to make the most of limited space.

Kitchen indoor Sedona- Vandemic image

A deep sink- 

If you’re going to use the space inside to have a sink, we recommend having some depth to your sink. A deep sink makes a big difference when doing dishes (and not getting water everywhere).

It can also double as a holding space for dishes that need to be done at the next opportune time or storing things that are wet while on the go. (Having a cutting board cut out for the top of the sink also allows that space to become usable counter space when not in use.  Bonus!) 

* Pro tip- if your layout keeps the sink somewhere close to a door or window you will also have the option of using a detachable head for inside or outside use.  Multi-use is always a plus for van lifers.

Kitchen sink cow- Vandemic image (ask Robert how to name “kitchen photo”

An energy efficient refridgerator-

Finding a refridgerator that is just the right size can be another game changer for van life. No more worrying about ice or stand alone coolers.  A refridgerator really helps a van interior start to feel like a full fledge home kitchen.

Two popular options are the electric cooler style like this Dometic (insert our own affiliate link eventually)

Image from , *but can insert iceco link and image if we have affiliate link.

Or we have come to really love this 12V Isotherm Cruze 85! 

*** Frige image, put in our link- don’t have one yet

Both are great options for your van life high-efficiency refrigeration needs.

Indoor space to cook meals-

There are many great options for indoor cooking in a camper van. This is a super individualized choice depending on how much of a priority cooking is for you.  It’s important to check in with yourself and choose which options make the most sense for you and what you think you would use most often.

Two Burner Stove- 

*We include this two burner propane stove (link Amazon ?) in all of our Vandemic builds. (link to Vandemic build page)  Our clients love it.

  Kitchen stove cow- Vandemic image- could link to Vandemic build page

Induction cook top- (Amazon link?)

One of the pluses of an induction cook top is that you can be completely off the grid because it’s fully electric.

The downside is that it takes up a lot of power so you really need to be mindful of how big your battery pack is, how much solar you have, and your energy usage in general.  This is always true in van life, but more so when you have appliances that draw extra energy. 


We recommend a low wattage microwave if you’re going to have one. 

*When people choose to have a microwave in our Vandemic builds we like to use this one(link Amazon)

A microwave can be nice for heating or re-heating things quickly when you’re on the road. 

kitchen microwave, Namazu- Vandemic image

Camper van oven-

A camper van oven is a luxury that some van lifers swear by.

If you’re a full timer, and like to bake or make pizza or casseroles this just might be a worth while investment.  When looking at ovens some things to consider are size, weight, and type of cooking fuel it uses. 

Portable air fryer-

Some of our clients prefer to forgo an over and get an air fryer.

If looking at an air frier for van life you want to consider the size, ease of cleaning, and of course energy efficiency.  At the time of writing your best options will be something between 700 and 1000 watts. 

*(include air fryer link, ours eventually, but just external to start) (this is a good article

Here are some ideas specifically for meal prep space:

One thing to think about when planning your camper van interior is space for meal prep.  Having some room designating for pulling your meals together really starts to make wherever you find yourself feel more like a home.

 Creative Outdoor meal prep options:

If it’s nice out you can always use portable tables or again, slides for accessing an outdoor table and meal prep set up.  This can be a good option for smaller vans.

***photo of a pull out option with link to a set up

Here are our creative interior counter space ideas for inside your campervan:

Preparing meals inside is one of our favorite perks of van life (as opposed to car or tent camping).

It’s a great idea to have multi-use tables and work surfaces in your camper van interior. With multi-use work surfaces you might just find that you actually have so much space you didn’t even know was possible.

Sink cutting board cut out-

A cutting board cut out that is made to fit over your sink offers the opportunity for more counter space when you aren’t using the sink as well as an extra portable surface to be used anywhere else!

Lagun table-

A lagun table is a table that can be turned and moved to different areas of the van for different uses.  They can be used for extra counter space, a seperate dish drying area, and eating table or a desk for your now mobile office in your tiny home on wheels. 

Flip-up counter extensions-

Flip-up counter extensions are also a great option and again have multi-use possibilities.

Kitchen interior Evergreen- Vandemic image

Here are some great creative dining area ideas for a van conversion:

Flip up tables-

This can be anything from the flip up counter option mentioned above, to a table that flips up outside of the van, or on wall. These options are nice because they are there when you need them, and tucked away when you don’t.

Lagun tables-

Again, we have our friend the lagun table as an option for creating a dining area. A table that swivels to the different areas of the van offers lots of different dining options and dinner seating configurations.  This might include using the table to create a dining booth at the bench seat or a set up between swivel seats.  Wherever the table can go, you can use it!

**swivel seats cabin van- Vandemic image

Pull-out table on a slider-

A popular place to store a pull-out table is under a fixed bed in the walkway and then have it pull out in front of one or two fixed seating areas. This can be another easy convertible dining setup idea.

**Image of this from another site

More kitchen tips and tricks for your van life inspiration-

*Magnetic knife rack- links to all the below?

Mason jars under cabinet holders

*Built-in spice racks -Vandemic pic?

Back of door hooks/holders

Suction sponge holders

*Small bins for inside drawers-

small bins inside cabinets, take photo, probably in Sangria

Sliders in kitchen cabinets or closet

Roll up dish rack

*Stackable colanders, pots, and measuring cups-

take photos of these inside Sangria (Amazon link)

*Utensil Drawer organizer-

Amazon link and photo from Paisley rental or Sangria, get from Rick

Hanging waste basket-

a great way to save floor space under the sink

Microfiber kitchen clothes-

these multi-purpose clothes are great to have on hand in the kitchen. 

Self Racheting Paper Towel Holder-

saves storage and counter space and keeps papertowels from unraveling.

**(Amazon link) **(vandemic image)

Multiple use containers-

mugs with lids, left over containers/jars

What are some of the best ideas to maximize living space in my van interior?

Swivel seats-

We think swivel seats are a must in van life.  They really open up the living space and make your van feel more like a small apartment than living out of a vehicle.

Swivel Seats and Lagun Sedona- Vandemic image

Bench seat-

A fixed bench seat can make your camper van feel welcoming and add a homey feel to your living area.  We love that it also offers the bonus of potential storage underneath.

kitchen interior living Sangria- Vandemic image

Screened windows-

Windows are a wonderful way to make a van conversion feel more open. Screened windows make it so you can open to the outdoors whenever possible, offering natural light and fresh air.  A large window can also give the illusion of more room inside your tiny home and be a game changer in your van interior design.


An awning, whether temporary like the moon shade or **dragon fly (links)

Or a permanent retractable, adds usable square footage to your van conversion while parked, making wherever you find yourself outside a part of your usable living space too.

**image of moonshade from Rick from shows- moonshade affiliate link

**Ask about Dragon fly image we can use in blog- faciliate relationship


**Our favorite is the Max air fan. (link)

A good quality fan, we actually like to use two, can create anything from subtle air flow to a full on  wind tunnel in your van interior.

Less stagnant, more fresh air is a big win in van life!

Fans Sedona- vandemic image


We like to use these puck lights on dimmers (link)in all of our builds as main light sources. 

We also always include different access areas to switches in case you are needing access from different spaces within your camper van.  For example, we like to make sure lighting is accessible when you first enter the van from the outside, but also from the inside, reachable from your fixed bed.

(Amazon links)

Lighting in garage –

We also make sure the garage has full lighting capability so that things are easy to find even in the dark. This creates a usable space in every part of your camper van.

** image of garage lit at night- paisley?

Under cabinet or accent lighting-

This can be anything from simple hung twinkle lights to these 12 Volt strip lights. (affiliate link, also for light switches)

This is such a fun way to create embiance and convert your camper van interior at night.

Reading lights- 

**(Amazon link for ours)

White and lighter colors –

While we are talking about light, using lighter colors on your walls will also help lighten up your interior space and make it feel more open and bigger.  So consider starting with light walls and base and then add in those accent colors to strategically create your own unique living areas.

Interior kitchen/living Sangria- Vandemic image

Throw blankets-

Throw blankets are another multi-use item.  You could also add a fun accent pillow as an easy way to bring color to a space and make it feel multidimensional.

More decor ideas for your van life interior-

Wall decals-

Wall decals are a wonderful non- perminent way to add a unique touch to your van that can change as you do. 

Chalk board paint –

Chalk board paint can be a fun way to convert an open wall space or cabinent face to a usable space for lists of anything from groceries to creative ideas and future dreams.

Photo wall-

a mini photo wall is another great way to add your own personal touch to our build.

Painted murals-

A painted mural can turn a decent van conversion into an amazing camper van interior!

** image-(Eddie- can I use another’s photo if I sight it? )


whether it’s something small fixed to the face of a cabinet or something more hidden inside a cabinet a mirror can be a super helpful addition to your camper van interior. No more trying to see yourself in a visor mirror or a side review mirror!

There are so many super stylish ideas and touches to make your van conversion feel as unique as you are!

What is the best bedroom layout for a camper van?

There are many creative bed layouts and opinions when it comes to what is the best idea for a camper van. 

Just like any part of your layout, it depends on what is a priority for your own use of interior space.

Fixed bed-

One of the benifits of a fixed bed is not needing to take your bed up and down every time you want to use it.  A fixed bed also creates garage storage.  Increased storage space is always a van lifer bonus! 

Fixed bed/garage Sedona- Vandemic image

While we are talking about fixed beds, we can’t help but **mention these zip on sheet sets from Beddy’s.  (link

They are another game changer, making it super easy to have a fully made neat bed.  No more trying to stuff blankets along the side of the wall.

Alternatively you could use a traditional sheet and comforter set up. 

Or sleeping bags can also work great.

Side flares –

Side flares can be a great idea for a van conversion in a narrower van like the Mercedes Sprinter. Side flares give a little extra width for your mattress and can make it possible for people to sleep width-wise in a fixed bed. 

Flare Space is currently the leader in the industry here. *****(affiliate link)

Convertible bed –

A convertible bed is a bed that you take up and down each time you want to use it.  This can free up more space for living areas when you are not sleeping. 

Some examples of convertible beds are-

Traditional convertible beds (The table bed)-

Pros- dual purpose living space, during the day creates a dinette for more people or a huge workspace for two.

Cons- you have the hassle of taking the bed up and down, you will need a place to store bedding, you loose garage space storage for larger gear and items, and a multiple cushon bed is the least like a real mattress and generally has less conform support.

Image via instagram @saraandalexjames |

Flip down –

 A flip down bed can be used as the main bed or an extra bunk and stored against the wall when not in use. 

Bunk beds –

A bunk bed is a great option if you’re traveling with kiddos giving everyone enough room for sleep.  We love the Fite’s set up!

Murphy bed- 

Murphy beds are a more recent trend in van life.  A murphy bed is stored up against a wall or up against the ceiling when not in use, then dropped down for sleeping.

Convertible benches-

A convertible bench is a great way to have a secondary sleeping area or guest sleeping area.  We’ve made one on a slatted pull-out system at Vendemic, but we’ve also seen them where a top layer of the seat of a bench folds out and has a drop-down leg.

*Pro tip! If you are thinking of a convertible bed for your van interior you might also want to consider these great ideas for storing your bedding:

Cushion covers to store bedding-

*You can get a cushion cover with a zipper and store bedding or extra clothes inside of it during the day. The cushion can be used for accent pillows or actual seat cushions on a bench. 

Netting to store bedding-

*Netting hung from the roof or on the back door can also be a quick and easy storage spot for bedding each day.

Old School guest bed options:

These old-school options can always be good stand-bys for any guests that might be staying with you for an overnight.

Blow up beds

Camping mattresses and pads


rooftop tents or outdoor tents

*Pro tip! A tent is also a great way to hold a spot at your campsite when out for the day.

What are some van interior ideas for bathroom options?

The bathroom, always a hot topic in van life!  One of our most frequently asked questions for our van build is, “where’s the toilet?”.

Toilet ideas and where to store it!

Cassette Toilets-

A cassette toilet is a small portable toilet that you need to empty out at an approved dumping area.  They are less expensive and generally easy to maintain. 

(Have no fear van lifers! In all of our Vandemic builds we provide a standard 5-gallon cassette toilet (amazon link) and we hide it in a lower cabinet custom-made to fit it.) 

5 Gallon Casset Toilet in our Sedona build- Vandemic

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

A Nature’s Head Composting toilet is another good toilet option.  A composting toilet doesn’t flush, instead, it turns your waste (number 2) into compost, using no water and minimal electricity, and is usually vented outside. This is a significantly more expensive option, but users say there is no smell and solids only need to be emptied every few weeks.  The liquids container is about 2.2 gallons so how often that needs to be emptied will depend on the frequency of use. (amazon links)

Natures Head composting toilet

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet

The Laveo is another popular upgrade we recommend.  The Laveo seals off the waste after each use in a bag.  Each bag is stored in a cartridge that holds on average 15 “flushes”.  No water is required and the toilet runs on 12V DC power. Users say there is not odor, as waste is contained in each bag.  When a cartridge is full you can dispose of as you would anything you can put in a landfill. The starting price is similar to Nature’s head composting toilet.  (amazon or affiliate link)

To shower or not to shower?!  Camper van interior ideas for how to get your body clean!

The second most asked van build question is, “What about a shower?”  This is a hot topic in the world of campervan conversions!

Some van lifers swear that an indoor shower is a game changer. 

Others say that when you have such a small space to work with, it’s a waste of precious floor space, that in truth, it’s not used very often within the limitations of a camper van water supply, and that it’s a pain in the butt in terms of plumbing and water sealing. 

In Vandemic van conversions, we find the happy medium of a heated outdoor shower and many of our clients report loving this option. 

Here’s some shower ideas for your own build.

Indoor shower ideas:

A fixed shower:

Your campervan interior could include a full time designated wet bath, like this one from Acts of Adventure.  This gives you the bonus of your own indoor designated showering spot.  However, remember that this will use significant square footage in your campervan interior.

A convertable indoor shower:

Another indoor shower option is to create a convertible space that becomes a shower space only when in use, like this creative solution from Mr and Mrs Adventure. 

source- @mrandmrsadventure

Outdoor Shower ideas:

At Vandemic, a heated outdoor shower option is our favorite choice.  We include a hose with a shower head/sprayer attachment at the back of the van.  It fits perfectly in it’s own storage compartment for when not in use.

We recommend these teach platforms for keeping your newly clean feet off of the ground.

**Insert teak platform photo and link.

We also recommend using a hooks on either side of the open doors to hang a shower curtain if you like. 

This is a great option for getting yourself, but also any equipment, pups, or anything else you like clean while out in nature. 

**Vandemic image of outdoor shower set up

*Pro tip- If you place your sink near a window or by the slider door, and you get yourself a faucet with a retractable head, you can have a make shift mini outdoor showering option. 

No shower at all :

“Who needs it?!”, you say.  Here are some ideas for those that choose not to devote any space or energy to having any shower option in there own van.

A portable solar shower-

A solar shower can be a good option if you choose not to include any shower set up at all in your build.  Just remember, you will need to hang most of these in the sun for a while to let them warm up.  Then, once they do, make sure to test before turning that flow onto your body as they can also get hot!

*Our favorite Solar shower pic (eventually an affiliate link)

Gym Membership-

Another option for those who choose to tackle van life without a shower is to purchase a gym membership.  This can be a great way to get yourself out of the van and into a different environment if you have stretches where you are city living.  In the USA, there are some nation wide gyms, like Planet Fitness (write transactional posts for top 5 eventually and link here).  If you’re staying in one spot for a while you could see if any local gyms will offer a temporary membership. 

What are some campervan interior ideas for storing all my “stuff” and gear?


Including a designated garage in your van conversion can make storing your gear much easier.  Especially if you have some bigger items like snowboards or bikes.

**Vandemic image- cow van garage- link to website?


If you do have a garage we also love slides as an option to easily get equipment in or out with ease.

These are some of our favorite slides- (details)

**(ask Rick the name- do we have affiliate link?)

Storage Bins-

Storage bins, whether the mini bins that can fit in a cabinent for organization, or the bigger tubs, can be a great way to keep things neat and tidy.  Everything can have it’s place!

Roof Racks-

Roof top storage options can be a great way to save space inside your tiny home on wheels!  They do add some footage to your height so you may need to be more away with clearance issues.  However, roof top storage can be a great way to store those peices that you still want to have with you, but don’t necessarily use in every day living.  Many of the roof racks also have locking storage pod options.

**(see the fites option they love- Aluminess)

Back door storage options-

The back door storage options like the ones at Campervan HQ are another great option for storing those essentials you need that aren’t an every day part of your interior living. Things like extra water, outdoor gear, or a even a spare tire are great options for external storage. 

** (Campervan HQ also does roof storage) extra water or gear


It might seem like such a simple thing, but a well placed hook can be an organizational game changer.  We like to keep a number of these magnetic hooks in our van when we travel.  These little babies are powerful and work well for hanging wet dish towels, beach towels, laundry, shower curtains, coats, you name it!

**fixed/magnetic hooks we use in vans

Bungie chords-

Bungie chords are another one of our easy camper van interior ideas for storage and organization.  These inexpensive tools are great for keeping things in place, creating temporary hanging lines, or even reinforcing areas that you want to keep closed while driving.  

Packing cubes-

Packing cubes are up there on our list of essentials for tiny home living!  They truly are great for organizing clothing in our overhead cabinets, giving shirts, pants, socks, underwear, or whatever else you want to designate to its own place.  This also makes it easy to pack up or pack out when traveling.  Packing cubes are inexpensive game changers!  These are some of our favorites-

What about making room for pets? What are some campervan interior ideas for our furry family?

Many people travel with dogs.  That was one of the most appealing things for us when we started van life travel.  We could take our pup with us! No more worries about finding pet friendly hotels or air bnb’s.

There’s also a number of van lifers that even travel with cats!  We thought about it, but our cat said no way.  There are those who do this quite successfully though. 

Create nooks for your pets.

When traveling with a pet, it’s important to create nooks for them to feel at home and safe.

Our pets need places where they can feel both cozy and secure .  This can be done in several ways.  Having pet bad Pet and/or space for a crate can give your pup a sense of home.  If you have garage with access from inside your living space this can be a great option for crate storage.

For our feline friends, kitty hammocks can be nice for when you’re parked and it’s important to have an area for litter box storage unless your cat is already comfortable going outside.   

It’s important to consider your fur family’s needs in your van interior as well as your travel plans. 

Plan ahead.

If you are traveling with pets, you might need to make some considerations specifically for them in your travel plans.

If you are visiting national parks for example, research ahead of time and make sure pets are allowed, and if they are not make a plan for staying in an area where they are. 

If you are traveling to another country, remember to research the requirements for entry for your pets.

** Our girl, and the inspiration for our “Bahni” Vandemic build

What about space for entertainment?  What are some camper van ideas for the all important entertainment time while out on the road? 

Whether it’s inside your van or outside on the land, creating spots dedicated to entertainment time help create a felt sense of home wherever you are. 

Here are some inside entertainment ideas for your camper van.

If you spend enough time out on the road, even in the most ideal climate, you’re bound to have some rainy days.  Creating nooks that can transform into indoor entertainment areas helps you feel like you have options even in such a small space.

Small TV or entertainment device.

Adding a small (think 43 inches or less, who needs more anyway?) TV (with a very sturdy wall mount), or even just having a simple Ipad wall mount or holder can create a cozy space for movies on a rainy day.

A projector-

Some van lifers use a projector and pull down wall screen to create their own camper van indoor movie theater. 

This is also a place where having  bench seats and/or swivel seats and a lagun table can come in handy for that evening card game with your travel buddies.  

Here are some outdoor entertainment area ideas for when it’s nice enough to be outside, but you just want to chill at your spot. 

Blow up (easy to store) furniture-

Blow up furniture is great because it’s easy to store, but then you can have a couch,  hang out pad, or even a small party space ready to go as soon as it’s inflatted!

Outdoor screen and projector-

Taking the movie nook idea to the next level, you could have a pull down outdoor screen and projector.

Then pull up your inflatable couch or two and who needs anything else?

Slider or flip up counter or bar-

Having a simple counter space that extends outside to create an outdoor bar area or table is an easy way to add entertainment possibilities outside.

A deck-

For those who want to go the extra mile when building out their own van, having a deck, whether a pull out on a sliders or a set up up on the roof, really opens up the outdoor entertainment possibilities. 

What could be better than hanging out on your deck under the open starry sky?!

** Rick do we have a pic of the one roof deck you guys did?  (pic of ours) or extend from garage (fites?)

What are some other helpful campervan interior design tips and tricks?

Staying lightweight-

When doing a build-out, it’s important to be conscious of the weight you are putting into the vehicle.  This is important both for gas efficiency, but also for vehicle wear and tear.  We are always thinking of the weight and impact on the drivability of the vehicle at Vandemic.  Here are some of the products that we use to make our builds as lightweight as we can without sacrificing quality.

**List products- ask Rick


Cabinets are a great way to add more room for storage and have the campervan interior still look neat and organized.   We build ours right to the frame. We also include struts to hold up the cabinet doors.  This is a major plus for usability.  No holding a door up with your head while you’re trying to get out supplies in our builds!  We also use soft handles for cabinet faces.  This helps prevent bumps and bruises from running into hard handles!

Hidden storage-

It’s a good idea to have some less obvious storage spots for your valuables.  For example a hidden drawer or nook in a closet, and to have a place where you can lock valuables. 

Van build layout tools-

Van build layout tools like (*Ask Rick) are a great way to see how your layout might look and be optimized before starting your build.   It’s a great way to get an idea and play with placement options before swinging that hammer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1-Can you convert any van into a camper?

There a several good options for camper vans.   Truly, you can get creative and do almost anything! 

We think high roof vans are most ideal for van conversions.

The vans that are most often used for conversion here in the US, and the ones we most recommend are the Dodge Ram High Roof Promaster, the Ford Transit High Roof, and the Mercedes Sprinter Van.

2-Is it worth it to buy a camper van?

We think so!  Whether you’re investing in your “vacation home” for adventures anywhere you want to drive it, or maybe even downsizing to live full time, your new digs will certainly provide you with endless options. Camping, visits to relatives while still having your own space, or year-long adventures, it’s all possible in a campervan.  The point is, you get to decide where, when, and how. That’s freedom, and to us, freedom is always a worthy investment. 

In short, if you get out and use it (or rent it) and maintain it, a camper van is a great investment.

3- Can a campervan park anywhere?

The short answer is you can part anywhere that you can fit. 

If you have the 159 wheel base Pro Master for example, you can park in a normal size parking spot.  This is comparable to a large pick up parking in a parking lot. 

If you have an extended size van it may be a bit trickier to fit into a regular parking spot, but it still will be easier than most full size RV’s when it comes to finding places to park in a city for example.  

4- Can you camp overnight anywhere?

This depends on the regulations in the state or place you find yourself parked. 

Sometimes, in a pinch, you can stay in parking lots of businesses, but always check first if it is ok and never assume or you may be up for a rude awakening or early knock on your window that tells you otherwise.

Camp grounds are nice, but BLM land, or land that is designated public land for camping, can also be a wonderful way to get out there and camp for free, and without neighbors! 

If you choose this option just be mindful of leaving the land and place as you found it.  No toilet paper stashes (yuck!), be mindful of all your trash for that matter, and observe and respect fire and land regulations. 

It’s also important to be mindful of the products that you are using always, but especially if you are wild camping, and do your best to reduce impact on an area so we all can enjoy it for years to come.  Don’t be the reason van lifer’s get a bad wrap!

5- How much storage space is optimal in a campervan?

It’s difficult to say what will be enough storage space for everyone, but there are some things to think about when you are making this decision.  How long will you be living in the van?  A weekend trip?  A year long adventure?  What will you be doing and what will you need?  Are there things that you can bring that are multi-use?

For us, we find that with even a 2 week trip for example, the two overhead storage cabinets are enough to store plenty of clothes even when we need layers for different types of weather.  We also find the the garage area under the bed in more than enough to hold all of our toys and outdoor accessories. 

6- Is it possible to live full time in a camper van? 

You will need to decide how much space is enough space for you, but we can tell you, that it is very possible to live full time in a well equiped build and making some thoughtful choices. 

6- Where can I buy a fully built out van conversion? 

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Conclusion/Wrapping Up

Living in a small space can be a challenge, but with the right layout, it can also be quite cozy and comfortable. In this article, we have shared some of our favorite tips for maximizing space in a camper van or other small living area. We hope that you find these tips useful and that they help you create a space that feels just right for you.

We hope to see you out there on your next fun adventure!

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